10 TV shows to watch after you finish Stranger Things season 4

So, you’ve finished Stranger Things season 4, Volume 2, you’re devastated, and you need something else to watch in order to fill the Hawkins-shaped void in your heart. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

From mysteries solved by kids on bikes, to alien invasions and being murdered via waking nightmare – there’s something in here to satisfy every single thing you miss about Stranger Things. Some of the shows were short-lived early 2000s hits and others were campy ’80s slashers that did not shy away from blood and guts. Scroll on down to see our election – but be warned, there are some spoilers for Stranger Things ahead as we discuss the similarities between each show.

Eerie, Indiana (1991-1992)

Eerie, Indiana

(Image credit: NBC)

When Stranger Things first debuted, many were quick to draw comparisons to the short-lived (and severely underrated) NBC series Eerie, Indiana. The show follows a preteen named Marshall Teller (Hocus Pocus star Omri Katz) who moves to the tiny town of Eerie, Indiana, and while accompanied by his best friend Simon, uncovers a plethora of insanely bizarre happenings like a Tupperware brand that can keep humans fresh, a pack of dogs that want to take over the world, a Children of the Corn-esque cult, and a still-living Elvis Presley. 

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