2 men arrested brawl at MIA gate caught on video Dec 2021

– The fists flew between several travelers at a Miami International Airport terminal when a brawl that involved at least one police officer broke out, ending with two men under arrest.

– The fight began Friday night when a group of passengers who had apparently been waiting for a delayed flight got into an argument. It escalated rapidly from there, with some people throwing punches and others trying to break it up.

– A police officer who was at the airport on an unrelated matter stepped in to help break it up but ended up getting punched in the head. Additional officers arrived and arrested two men, ages 33 and 45.

– Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez praised the officers’ actions, saying they “did a great job.” He also said the brawl was unfortunate but that it’s something that could happen anywhere.

– “We’re not immune to things like this happening,” he said. “I’ve seen them happen at sporting events, I’ve seen them happen at colleges, and I see them happening here.”

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