All lanes open on the bridge to Key West

The orange cones will continue to line the southernmost intersection of US 1, where it leads to the island of Key West. All four lanes of the Cow Key Channel Bridge are now open for travel with no daily traffic shifts that have occurred since March.

Road restoration activities will take about a month to complete, according to the Florida Department of Transportation, which completed the $ 6.2 million project. This includes the reconstruction of the medians, the installation of the landscape and the repair and redesign of the road, reports FDOT on its project website.

The speed limit is still reduced to 40 km / h by the construction zone.

The crews have been working since March 16 to repair and replace parts of the double-track bridge that separates Key West from neighboring Stock Island.

Travel restrictions related to pandemics have eased the expected traffic disruption from the bridge works.

Residents of Key West and Lower Keys feared the daily road closures that would create headaches for drivers and school buses coming and going from Key West in the morning and afternoon. Since no tourists were allowed in the Florida Keys between mid-March and June 1, innumerable hospitality workers were unemployed, and school grounds were closed, the bridge work went more smoothly than without the pandemic.

“On the bridges and the carriageway, from Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 pm to 5:30 am, there will be temporary, single-lane closures,” reports FDOT. “The road signals and the zebra crossing on College Road South are operational. The temporary traffic light at the intersection of US 1 and College Road North will be removed. Pedestrian walkways, including the sidewalk on the outgoing bridge and the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, are open. The cycle path along the bridges will remain closed until the road works are completed. “More information is available at

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