Angry residents outside Miami Gardens commission meeting say fight against Formula 1 race is not over

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Formula 1 has been given the green light to speed through Miami Gardens in just over a week, but residents against the race are not ready to give up their efforts.

Knowing that the three-day event is going to happen, those residents who oppose it came out to Wednesday’s Miami Gardens City Commission meeting to let their voices be heard and remind city officials and the community their legal fight is not over.

A judge recently dismissed a last-minute legal push from some residents who were attempting to put the brakes on the car racing event.

Those neighbors fear loud noises from high speeding vehicles could not only cause them hearing loss but also violate the city’s noise ordinance.

Attorneys for Hard Rock Stadium say that is not true, claiming the city can legally make exceptions for events with financial benefits for the community.

Sam Dubbin is an attorney representing concerned neighbors who are against Formula 1 racing in their city.


He shared emails with Local 10 News showing what appears to be city officials sharing a draft from an acoustics company researching the potential violation of their noise ordinance by Formula 1 racing in Miami Gardens.

The draft read, in part:

“This preliminary research indicates that the sounds emanating from the racetrack would be in violation…”

Local 10 News has repeatedly requested interviews with city officials to answer questions about the draft and the possible violation of the noise measure.

They have also been asked about another point of concern; why they’ve taken so long to approve a special events permit that Formula 1 needs to have the race.

City officials failed to respond, or plainly put, ignored Local 10 News’ requests.

On the legal front, the judge handling the latest complaint against Formula 1 said so far there is simply not enough evidence to show Formula 1 is in violation of the noise ordinance.


He has ordered noise monitoring at the event in order to generate real time data of just how loud the noise is and determine if in fact it reaches dangerous levels for area residents.

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