Authorities-released video reveals at a facility in Homestead, Florida that homes undocumented kids

HOMESTEAD, Fla. – A government-provided video released Wednesday evening gives an initial look inside a shelter for unaccompanied children in Homestead. US Health & Human Services released the video and reported it was taped on Wednesday, reports CBS Miami. About 1,000 children are being held there.

Several dozen of these children were separated from their families when they tried to enter the United States.

Many questions remain about the future of these children and thousands of others separated on the border between the US and Mexico.

The government-provided video, which Health and Human Services said came from the Homestead facility on Wednesday, gives a first glimpse into the lives of the nearly 100 children being held there after being separated from their families at the border, and who crossed hundreds of other children to the United States alone.

This is the result of a zero tolerance policy for illegal crossings.

On Tuesday, Senator Bill Nelson and Congressman Debbie Debbie Wasserman Schultz were denied access to the federal facility despite calling beforehand.

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They wondered what to hide.

The video, released by the Department of Health and Human Services, shows children, whose faces are not shown to protect their privacy, painting and seemingly doing classwork, even while working on math problems at a blackboard.

HHS released this video, which they say was taped today, of immigrant children being held this week at the Homestead facility visited by @SenBillNelson and @DWStweets. @oraliaortega will find out more about this on the CBS4 news at 11. tonight

– CBS4 Miami (@CBSMiami) June 21, 2018

The video also shows a dining room with colorful signs and signs showing the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

Children seem to have nutritious meals and you can see bunk beds and even a barber shop.

One wall has a poster for the World Cup along with the flags of the participating countries.

Children play basketball and are apparently undergoing medical examinations.

A woman is seen on a laptop as a group of girls sit nearby.

CBS4 News called the Miami-Dade Public Schools and told us Wednesday night that they have no teachers at the facility.

Superintendent Alberto Carvalho delivered a letter to the Secretary of State for Homeland Security Tuesday noting that the Florida Constitution states that all children must receive a public education during their stay.

“I can tell you that we provided teachers during the migration from Central America,” said Carvalho. “These children have the same rights.”

The images posted by the Homestead facility and the government-released video of a Virginia facility paint a very different picture than the videos shown at the Texas facility Children and adults are kept in a cage-like environment.

Frontier Children: Immigrant Families in Crisis

Frontier Children: Immigrant Families in Crisis

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