BREAKING NEWS: Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority separates from Government Director Tom Walker

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority board of directors voted 4-1 on Friday to immediately terminate the contract with executive director Tom Walker, said Kerry Shelby, who was deputy director until Friday when he took responsibility for Walker.

Board member David Ritz voted against terminating Walker’s contract.

“A performance review for Mr. Walker was placed on today’s agenda and there were four votes indicating that he was not meeting expectations,” Shelby told Keys Weekly Friday afternoon. “There was a movement and a second that we separate with immediate effect. The separation is for no reason, so that he is entitled to a severance payment. The board of directors has ordered that I take on its responsibility. “

Shelby said Walker had “been in his current position for a little over a year, but he served as assistant manager from 2006 through about 2015 when he left the Keys for a while.”

The five-member FKAA board of directors is appointed by the governor and consists of chairman Bob Dean, Antoinette Appell, Cara Higgins, David Ritz and Richard Toppino.

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