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Here at Deco we are always looking for a new restaurant or a place to have a drink. Thank you “Beery” – and this time we’ve found a place that offers all of that and more. Deco picks a place with a lot of history that is high on your list.

Don’t worry, be hoppy!

Cuba’s oldest brewery, Cervecería La Tropical, is now based in Miami.

Manny Portuondo, Cervecería La Tropical: “I thought to myself: How can something with over 135 years of inheritance just disappear?” And I made it my passion project in life to bring it back to life and bring it back in a big way. “

This new hotspot honors its roots while also welcoming its SoFlo vibe.

Manny Portuondo: “A brand with a Cuban soul, but a Miami lifestyle – of sun, fun and rhythm – and hopefully we will be successful here.”

The place has it all. It’s a restaurant, a brewery, a tap room and a garden – all rolled into one.

Manny Portuondo: “When you come to La Tropical, the first thing you will see is Jardines La Tropical, a tropical botanical garden in the middle of the city.”

Sure the view is nice but let’s talk about the beers because this place makes its own beer right on-site.

Manny Portuondo: “Our flagship is La Tropical La Original, a Viennese-style amber warehouse whose recipe dates back to 1888. And then, for craft lovers, we brewed a tropical double IPA with around 9.4% alcohol that we call Gasolina. ”

You can fill up with more than the beer. La Tropical also cooks something special to highlight its roots.

Cindy Hutson, cook at Cervecería La Tropical: “My menu will be tapas, Caribbean and Cuban. There are many options for all types of dinners. “

There are Cuban staples like croquetas and frita burgers, but if you really want to drink your beer and eat it too, go for the steamed clams.

Cindy Hutson: “Mussels with a nice artisanal chorizo.”

Do you remember how we said beer? There’s a lot in the sauce, and that makes everyone a hoppy camper.

Diandra Lamas, Diner: “When you go to a brewery, you often go to a brewery and then you have to go to dinner, or you go to dinner and then you go to a brewery, but there is great food and great here too Beer. “

La Tropical Brewery
42 NE 25th St.
Miami, FL 33137

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