Enhancements to Homestead sports activities amenities comply with

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – The upcoming renovation of Homestead High School will include major improvements to three of the Spartan sports venues.

At the top of the list is a new main gym with a capacity of 3,000 seats, almost double the capacity of the current main gym in Homestead.

The new fitness studio, which is expected to be ready in three years, will bring improvements to parts of the sporting and general school operations in addition to basketball.

The current baseball field will be dismantled for additional parking in the school to replace the land taken up by the school building extension and a new baseball field will be built across Homestead Road in the country east of the tennis courts.

It will have a seating capacity of 750, compared to just 100 for the old Diamond.

It is expected to be two years before Homestead moved their home baseball games to the World Baseball Academy during that time.

A new softball field is also being built on land east of the current softball field with a seating capacity of 450 compared to less than 100 on the old field.

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