Homestead, Florida Metropolis See Lesser Legal Exercise, New Statistics Says | information

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement released its 2014 crime rates and some areas in South Dade saw declines.

Overall, Miami-DadeCounty posted a 4.4 percent year-over-year decline.

FloridaCity’s crime rate dropped 17 percent.

Homestead’s crime rate fell by 12 percent, according to FDLE.

The report found that CutlerBay was up six percent and PalmettoBay was up 12.6 percent.

The biggest turnaround in the county goes to the small village of Bal Harbor, which has seen a 47 percent gain. However, this is relative to its small size and the number of crimes reported.

In FloridaCity, the break-in fell from 317 in 2013 to 173 cases. The theft decreased slightly from 981 in 2013 to 883. Vehicle theft was also down slightly to 43, from 58 in previous years. FloridaCity saw a significant increase in rape, reporting 9 in 2014 instead of just 1 in 2013. The number of murders, including one, remained the same.

In Homestead, the slump went from 900 to 748. A slight decrease in thefts from 2,223 to 2,111. The number of vehicle thefts fell from 151 to 104. 40 fewer robberies and 10 less serious attacks were reported. (300 robberies and 530 serious assaults in 2014) There was another murder on the city limits at 3. Forced rapes remained roughly the same for 29 of the previous 32.

Overall, the Florida crime rate was 44 years low that year.

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