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Last Saturday the Seminole Theater presented Alejandro Escovedo in concert. I think I really stereotyped Mr. Escovedo with his name when I went to the concert expecting sensitive ballads and a bit of Hispanic music. Boy was I wrong?

Punk rock featured in Mr. Escovedo’s music, although most of the night he only used his strong baritone voice, his own acoustic guitar, and a pianist. A number on his electric guitar set off the screeching of heavy metal music and the sound got so loud that I had to remove my hearing aids!

During the night, Escovedo jumbled heavily on his acoustic guitar and spat out his lyrics as if he were in pain. Emotions lived in his songs. Escovedo is definitely an extremely talented guitarist, and I felt like his fingers must surely be raw once the performance is over.

In the love song “Rosalie” Escovedo suppressed his guitar playing and made the pianist dance to his heartbreaking vocal melody. That was the most beautiful song of the night and caught everyone’s attention.

Another special number was a song called “Down in the Bowery”. This was a song he wrote for his son who told him that he made “old people music”. The legendary songwriter asked for clarification, he said, to which his son replied, “You make music that old people like to hear.”

The night was filled with music that wasn’t music that old person is enjoying or listening to. My tastes … my opinion, although I’ll say Escovedo had a good following of people in the crowd. Once a Spanish man yelled comments at the performer and in another case a Spanish woman yelled in Spanish that she didn’t care about the electric guitar number. Definitely an “interactive” crowd.

The opening act for Escovedo was local singer / songwriter Jade Saunders. Jade is a beautiful young lady who, with the support of two gentlemen, sang a few numbers in “country style”. One played acoustic guitar with Jade and the other played the basic guitar. Regardless of whether it was the sound system or their style, unfortunately you couldn’t understand the words unless you knew the words about the songs. Jade is young and I am sure we will see and hear more from this young lady.

This show was the final performance for the opening season at the Seminole Theater. For me personally there was only one show out of the entire opening series that just wasn’t exciting for me. One from the entire season only makes me believe that Mickey McGuire and his staff will do even better for Homestead next season.

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