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LOS ANGELES, Feb 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Releases of South The Border, Bordersville and the re-release of Kings of The Evening on Tubi, that show variety in the genres from Homestead Entertainment. Characters within these films are presenting different human aspects of life. A connection between poverty, necessity of money, greed and family dynamics are an underlining theme in these releases.

South The Border

South The Border, Bordersville & Kings of The Evening

    • newcomers, Terry Haynes Jr. and Julian D Jackson release a Cartel inspired movie entitled, South The Border. filmed in Houston, Texas, the movie is inspired by true stories and built from an African American perspective. Community relations between Latinos and African Americans on the border of South, Texas is hyper focused in this film. South The Border covers the transition from regular street gang life to the cartel empires. When stolen money and drugs are involved there is bound to be trouble.


    • Director Keyatta crews has captured audiences with the real issues presented in Bordersville. An unfortunate and common story of a young mother raising children while attempting to have her own life bears ends up with unpredictable outcomes. based in Houston, TexasBordersville, a local area and park is like every city that is riddled with poverty in the United States. Teenage pregnancy is tackled in this series, parenting gone wrong and second chances. The main character, Yonni, is a smart young girl who is raising herself and faced with adult decisions. It all unfolds as secrets are released, pedophiles are revealed, and greed exposed. This coming of age story stars Gabrielle Bush, Keyatta crews, Paris Crews, Lauren KeiDecavia Branford and April Grant.
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Kings of the Evening

    • A re-release of ‘Kings of The Evening’ starring Tyson Beckford, Linara Washington, Glynn Turman, Lynne Whitfield other Reginald T Dorsey. This period drama takes place during the height of the depression. The film focuses on the ingenuity of the townsfolk who had to find a way out of a no win situation. Out of this, a successful uplifting contest for the community is created. This movie has won 8 awards and garnered 1 nomination during its original release. It is produced and directed by Andrew P Jones.
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