How long after shocking pool can you swim?

Many people want to know how long after shocking a pool can you swim in it. The answer to this question depends on the type of shock used and the pH level of the water.

Chlorine shocks can usually be used safely within 12 hours of swimming, while non-chlorine shocks should be used more cautiously and only after waiting 48 hours.

It is also important to check the pH level of the water after shocking in order to make sure it is safe for swimming. If the pH level is below 7.2, then it is not safe to swim.

It is important to shock a pool regularly in order to keep it clean and free of bacteria.

Shocking helps to kill any bacteria or algae that may be present in the water and helps to keep the pool looking and feeling clean. It is recommended that you shock a pool at least once a week, but more often if the pool is used heavily.

If you are not sure how to shock a pool, consult with your local pool store or swimming pool professional. They will be able to test the water for you and tell you exactly how much chemical shock to use.

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