Hundreds gather in Miami for anti-war rally supporting Ukraine

An anti-war rally took place at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami on Saturday, where Ukrainian-Americans, city leaders and people from different backgrounds called for an end to the difficult war that is playing out in Ukraine right now.

People in attendance tried to make their voices heard, even as far as to Washington, DC, where they hope the Biden administration can do more, such as aid Ukraine’s military.

“Well we will keep going up until we get more support from the United States,” said organizer Julia Lemesh.

People are also asking for tougher sanctions that would cripple Russia’s economy.

Victoria Lozovska has a 66-year-old mother in Ukraine who she has barely been able to reach.

Lozovska is worried and stressed thinking about her mother’s safety.

“My mom actually has been hiding in a basement of some building for seven days straight and only by God’s grace she was able to get to the border and now she is trying to get to Poland and will become a refugee just like millions of other people ,” Lozovska said.


All at the rally united with one voice and one message, calling for freedom for their loved ones in Ukraine.

“It just breaks my heart seeing everybody suffering,” said Tatiana Grondovska, a Ukrainian. “All the innocent people, the kids, you know, it’s just been devastating.”

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