Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry proposes tax rate cut for bigger budget

Mayor Lenny Curry’s eighth and final budget address found him highlighting the same themes he sounded when he delivered his first budget in 2015, but with far more money in the vault to back up those calls for action.

“Every year, I’ve said that budgets are about priorities, and this morning, I’m here to show you those aren’t just words,” Curry said during his speech in City Council chambers. “Those are promises kept.”

Curry credited the balanced budget to his seven years working toward lowering the city’s debt, increasing funds in the city’s reserves and implementing his pension reform plan in 2018 after voters approved a future half-cent sale tax to pay for pension debt.

The city additionally received the second half of about $343 million in federal pandemic relief money this year and has seen a sharp rise in tax collections fueled by the strong economy.

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