Joshua Rivera accused of shooting someone he thought was an intruder Dec-2022

Joshua Rivera, a 30-year old father of seven who is accused of shooting someone he thought was trying to break into his apartment has been ordered by the court not return home for Christmas this year. His attorney argued that it would be impossible given there are no guarantees as far as release goes with only one exception: if you’re innocent then maybe we’ll let y’all go ahead and celebrate your holiday inside jail instead! The family attended today’s proceedings hoping Circuit Court Judge Ellen Sue Venzer could free them up before long so they too can spend time together following such tragedy…

The incident in November started when another man, Anthony Trinchet, knocked on neighboring doors at Rivera’s Homestead apartment complex. Police said Trinchet was looking for a friend but couldn’t find him so he came over to ask if they knew where this person might be; however the last door that Anthony knocked on turned out not only being occupied by someone else (with witnesses seeing them start fighting) before finally leaving after getting shot grazed by gun and taken into emergency care alive – survived injuries from gunshots wounds– survive hospitalization because of his quick reactions saving himself even though outnumbered against one much bigger than themselves-charged with lewd behavior:

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