The Florida Keys Sculpture Trail is now complete and begins and / or ends in Truman Waterfront Park in Key West, where “Wavehenge” by the artists Damon Hamm and Jeff Sundheim was recently installed. The giant sundial sculpture is made up of a vertical wave of waves surrounded by benches that match the shape of the shadow as it moves each day. The sculpture hides a secret: at every solstice and equinox, shadows and benches align when the time corresponds to the date. The fall equinox happened on September 22nd, so the shadows and benches were perfectly aligned at 9:22 a.m. The Florida Keys Sculpture Trail has 12 sculptures in public areas from Islamorada to Key West. The pieces were designed by students of the Art Students League’s New York Model to Monument program and were once located on the Hudson River in Manhattan’s Riverside Park South. Key West philanthropists John Padget and the late Jacob Dekker arranged the transportation and installation of the sculptures and donated them to residents and visitors of Monroe County. A map on lists all of the sculptures.

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