Lady with warrant arrested in Broward after collection of violent incidents in Florida Keys

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – A 41-year-old woman who was found by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office to have pending arrest warrants in Broward County for prostitution, drugs and trespassing was arrested Friday night after a series of violent incidents.

According to MPs, Ashley Marie Tweed attacked a neighbor, threw stones and kicked MPs and smashed her head until it opened up in a patrol car.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies said they were called to a scene on Geranium Drive at 10:25 p.m. where there were reports of a suspect assaulting someone. The man who called the sheriff’s deputies said he saw a blonde woman lying on the street and when he checked on her she slapped a drink out of his hand and hit him.

The woman, later identified as Tweed, then fled but was found by the man nearby.

The caller reported that she was naked and hit a parked car the second time he found her.

Tweed ended up on Bittersweet Avenue, where MPs found her on the street. She then ran away from them and back to Geranium Drive, where she hid under a truck. When the MPs finally took her out from under the truck, she threw stones and ran towards a house. One of the MPs fired a taser, but their report said it had no effect. Another MP fired a taser, which hit her as she ran upstairs and into the residence.


There, MPs found her in a bathroom, where she resisted the arrest by kicking MPs as they tried to remove her from the house.

When she was in the patrol car and the crews were working to remove taser barbs, she began banging her head against the bulkhead, which reportedly caused her head to split open. She was taken out of the car so that paramedics could take care of her bleeding head. She continued to try to escape by kicking someone who came near her, they said.

Tweed received more than 10 clamps on her head after being transported to Lower Keys Medical Center. She was eventually evacuated and taken to prison by medical staff at the hospital.

Tweed is charged with two charges of a battery against a law enforcement officer, two charges of resisting violence, two charges of resisting arrest without violence and battery.

Her Broward County arrest warrants cover cocaine possession, drug paraphernalia, trampling, and prostitution.

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