Man in Miami gross arrest video had seizure and is again in hospital, family say

MIAMI – A man injured in an arrest in Miami on Sunday was back in hospital Monday after having had a seizure, his relatives said.

The Miami Police Department released an arrest form identifying Leskeil Shakeil Richards, a Broward County refugee, as the subject of a crude arrest video in Miami’s Liberty City.

Richards, 25, from Sunrise was on suspended sentence for robbery and battery, and one officer said he believed he was doing everything possible to prevent him from finding out. In the form of the arrest, the officer wrote, “The defendant was diverted to the ground. Physical violence was used on the defendant. “

The arrest form does not describe physical strength, but there were multiple witnesses. Nini Milton said she saw a police officer slap Richards in the face and headlock him and another police officer purposely kick him and she had the video to prove it.

Officials said Richards underwent a medical exam at Jackson Memorial Hospital on Sunday before officers reportedly took him to jail. On Monday, relatives said Richards was back in the hospital after having seizures.


Miami Police Department interim chief Ronald L. Papier released a statement Monday that the department will review all videos and testimonials related to the use of force and take appropriate action if violations are found.

As usual, the first names of the Miami police officers are omitted from the police report and identified as M. Sevilla, A. Gomez and E. Socarras. Ieshia Richards, the defendant’s sister, was among the witnesses to the arrest.

“Your job is to protect and serve, not abuse,” she said. “What they did wasn’t right.”

Ieshia Richards said she was driving a black Land Rover when a Miami police officer ordered her to stop on Northwest 18th Avenue and 62nd Street.

Seville, the road obstruction officer, reported that Leskeil Richards was in the passenger seat and not wearing a seat belt when the Land Rover drove west from Northwest 17th Avenue on Northwest 62nd Street.


Ieshia Richards did not get a complete traffic obstruction on Northwest 22nd Avenue, Seville reported. She said she was given a traffic ticket. Sevilla also reported that Leskeil Richards had pulled into the back seat and “pretended” to sleep.

“I first saw the defendant sitting wide awake in the passenger seat when the vehicle was in motion,” wrote Sevilla. “I believed the defendant was trying to hide and avoid contact with the police.”

Sevilla reported he was concerned that Leskeil Richards was hiding a gun, asked for assistance, asked him to get out of the car and tried to patdown.

“I thought he was trying to escape. I put my hand around the defendant’s chest and asked him to relax. The defendant kept trying to go to the rear of the vehicle, so I quickly put his right arm on the back of his back, ”Sevilla wrote in his report.

Socarras, who arrived to assist Seville, tried to grab Leskeil Richards’ left arm as he was holding onto the top of the vehicle, Seville wrote.


Leskeil Richards squeezed Socarras’ right wrist, according to Sevilla, which “caused pain”. Ieshia Richards said her brother was down and overwhelmed when she told her not to hurt him anymore.

Milton said she and other bystanders decided to yell at police officers to alert them that they were watching them injure Richards.

“A video is worth a thousand words,” said Milton.

After being handcuffed, Richards gave a wrong name and date of birth. While he was in a police car, officers used his fingerprint to search a database using a quick identification device, Seville reported.

According to Broward Circuit Judge Barbara McCarthy’s arrest warrant dated September 3, 2020, Richards was a fugitive who broke the terms of an October 3, 2019 Community Control Ordinance for carrying a hidden firearm and giving law enforcement a false name.

McCarthy warned Richards against violence, gun possession and resistance to arrest. The tattoos listed on the warrant include “Kimba, RIP, L19, Self, 327 and Dice” on his right arm, “King” on his right hand, and “Troop” on his left hand.


Ieshia Richards said she was concerned about her brother’s future and that she believed racism was to blame for the way officials treated him.

“No matter what they say or whatever, he is still human because of the way he looks,” she said.

Milton’s video also shows a black uniformed police officer from the Miami Dade Police Department and one of the Miami police officers involved in the arrest.

Ieshia Richards said the Miami Dade officer tried to comfort her too.

“At that point, I knew he knew what they were doing was wrong,” she said.

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