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MARATHON, Florida – A Maryland woman was killed earlier this month after she was stuck in the window of her Florida motel room trying to climb inside, authorities said.

Sydney Therriault, 22, of Beallsville, died of suffocation, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s office. Therriault was a guest at the Pelican RV Resort & Marina in Grassy Key.

Therriault’s body was discovered shortly before 7:30 a.m. on March 18.

“It seemed like she didn’t have a hotel key and was trying to get into her room through the window,” the sheriff’s office officials said.

No foul play was suspected.

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Therriault’s mother, Sandy Wright, wrote on Facebook that her daughter died doing one of the things she did best: enjoying life. She traveled to the Florida Keys because she had never been, Wright said.

“She did not have a key to her room and was determined to solve the problem with her fearless trust by climbing through the window,” Wright wrote. “As we know, it didn’t go as planned.”

Therriault was a budding artist who, at a young age, began refining her gift and drawing on the walls of her bedroom.

“As early as the age of 2 or 3, we woke up in the morning to another round of art she’d made that night,” Wright wrote. “At midnight she staggered down the hall and woke us to show us her drawing.

“Her recent work, which was part of her painting studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design, constantly impressed with new levels of expression and technicality.”

Therriault was also known for her kindness and empathy.

“She has touched countless lives in important ways and has continually defended the outsider as she took on the world’s inherent injustice,” Wright wrote. “River, her beloved Dorky Husky, is fine and will return home here in Maryland.

“Sydney has enjoyed life to the full in every moment. And we will do that. “

Therriault’s father, local sculptor David Therriault, also told about the loss of their daughter.

“From this horror their light will shine,” wrote Therriault. “I promise to you. I’ll hold the light up so you all know. “

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Sydney Therriault’s Facebook page is full of photos, including Dylan Fisher, her boyfriend. Fisher, 22, died on December 12, 2017. Social media posts from family members indicate that Fisher died of a drug overdose.

In a 2019 Facebook post, Therriault wrote that she had driven nine hours from her Georgia school to take part in a stomp-out heroin 3-mile run / walk during the final.

“We make room for the important things in our lives, no matter how impractical,” wrote Therriault. “I perform for my prince every year; Distance doesn’t mean anything. “

Fischer’s mother, Candi Fisher, shared several photos of the young couple after Therriault’s death.

“I really believe these two angels are so very happy,” wrote a friend in response to a photo.

“Back together again,” wrote another friend. “Prayers to all of you and your families.”

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