Miami-Dade County Fee unanimously adopts Peace and Prosperity Plan to Fight Gun Violence

MIAMI – Miami-Dade County is advancing its peace and prosperity plan to combat gun violence.

The multi-million dollar endeavor aims to curb the recent surge in firearm crime and violence in the county.

“These tragic events in the last few days, and especially last weekend, confirm that we must take immediate action to make our neighborhoods safer,” said the Mayoress of Miami-Dade, Daniella Levine Cava.

The Miami-Dade County Commission held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the plan.

The commissioners discussed the plan to address the underlying causes of gun violence and poverty.

Shortly after 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, commissioners unanimously voted for the plan, which aims to spend nearly $ 8 million on prevention, intervention, business investment and re-entry programs over the next two years.

University of Miami criminologist and chairman of the sociology department, Dr. Alex Piquero was one of the people consulted on the project.


“There are things we can do now, today and tomorrow that we implement in the community and not wait, so I think this is a really good plan,” said Dr. Piquero. “This is one of the strongest evidence-based programs that is holistic. It looks at people, it looks at places, it’s short-term and it’s long-term. “

In December 2022, officials plan to evaluate the plan’s progress to see what is working and what is not so they can decide where future investments should go.

Officials are also stepping up law enforcement in the short term to try to stop the ongoing violence currently being watched across the county.

“We are mobilizing all possible resources and using new technology to expand our enforcement and public safety protection, and the first of those parallel phases we are doing now is to stop the bleeding and the cycle of gun violence,” said Levine Cava.


The commission plans to vote on the peace and prosperity plan on Tuesday afternoon.

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A closer look at Miami-Dade’s multi-million dollar plan to combat gun violence

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