Miami Warmth distributes college provides to college students who misplaced four classmates within the Surfside condo breakdown

BAY HARBOR ISLANDS, Florida. It has been a difficult start to the school year for students at Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center in the Bay Harbor Islands as they mourn the loss of four of their classmates in the June 24th condominium collapse in Surfside perished.

“It was really devastating. I was really sad not being able to see them in the hallways, ”said eighth grader Lucia Lecour.

On Thursday, a special visitor helped lighten the mood.

Miami Heat player Ӧmer Yurtseven and other members of the Heat came to the school with gifts and distributed school supplies to all 1,300 students.

“They’ve been through a lot and we really want to support them,” said Yurtseven.

Among the victims of the collapse were a preschooler and a second grader who were due to start school this fall, as well as a kindergarten and sixth grader who were already enrolled in the school.

“I couldn’t sleep for a week and it was just as selfish as it affected me,” said Rector Scott Saperstein.


Some students at the school survived the collapse but are now displaced.

“If your family is disturbed and you do not have an apartment, it is certainly a stressor, a great stressor for the children,” said Saperstein.

The goal on Thursday was to lighten the load a little for the students with free notebooks, backpacks, highlighters, pencils, and water bottles.

“I think this event cheered everyone up and it was good that it came and it cheered everyone up,” said eighth grader Ariela Brody.

Students told Local 10 News that they are trying not to think too much about the tragedy, but they have grown stronger and are doing their best to honor the memory of their classmates.

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