National Park Service Plans To Redevelop Presence At Everglades City

The National Park Service wants to repair and improve Everglades National Park facilities at Everglades City that were damaged by Hurricane Irma in 2017/NPS file

The National Park Service plans to redevelop facilities at its location in Everglades City that was damaged by Hurricane Irma back in 2017. The plans are contained an an environmental assessment that was prepared for the work and which is now available for review and public comment through February 26.

The EA analyzes the proposal to redevelop site facilities and supporting infrastructure at the Gulf Coast site of Everglades National Park. The proposed improvements will address the damages resulting from Hurricane Irma and focus on improving visitor experience while protecting cultural and natural resources and making the site resilient to climate change for the next 50 years, the Park Service said in a release. 

The EA evaluates the impacts of a no-action alternative and one action alternative. It describes the environment that would be affected by and assesses the environmental consequences of implementing each alternative. Under the no-action alternative, the NPS would maintain the existing conditions at the Gulf Coast site. 

The entire Gulf Coast site would be redeveloped under the proposed action, which has been identified as the preferred alternative. The proposed work includes: 

  • Constructing a new visitor center 

  • Creating a new public entryway off the roadway 

  • Elevating the site to address tidal impact, seasonal flooding and increase site resiliency 

  • Replacing existing bulkheads 

  • Expanding the marina basin 

  • Dredging the marina and boat channels  

  • Installing a living shoreline 

The proposed action incorporates guidance from the park’s 2015 General Management Plan and the input received in spring of 2022 during civic engagement and early coordination with other federal, state and tribal governments. 

The construction of the new visitor center would fulfill Congress’s direction to construct and designate the “Marjory Stoneman Douglas Visitor Center” in commemoration of the vision and leadership shown by Douglas in the protection of the Everglades. 

Comments may also be submitted in writing to:   

Pedro Ramos, Superintendent 
Attn: Gulf Coast Site Plan 

Everglades National Park Headquarters 

40001 State Road 9336 
Homestead, FL 33034

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