One other roof overhang collapses in an condominium in Miami-Dade that was evacuated in July

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Florida. A roof overhang collapsed Tuesday morning in the same apartment building, where another overhang similarly collapsed last month, forcing 36 apartments to be evacuated.

Because of these previous evacuations at Lakeview Gardens, 17650 Northwest 68th Avenue, no one was in the building where the roof collapsed Tuesday and no one was injured. Other buildings in the complex have residents.

On July 15th, huge parts of a roof overhang collapsed. This incident resulted in evacuations and road closures, but no one was injured that day either.

Lakeview Gardens is 47 years old. Miami-Dade County’s Mayoress Daniella Levine Cava said in July that the building passed its certification after 40 years and the initial assessment of the building by engineers showed that it was structurally sound.


“It’s going to take some serious engineering study before they can determine what needs to be done to make people return safe,” Levine Cava said at the time.

Before the collapse on Tuesday, there was active construction and repair work going on in the apartment.

A state official who happened to say he was on his way to the building to check progress and find out when residents might be able to return told Local 10 News that someone heard a piece of the building collapse Tuesday morning and called 911.

Roof collapses on already evacuated building in Miami-Dade

While residents of this building have no idea when they will be allowed back in, neighbors in the building next door say they are also concerned and confused.

They point to a sign that reads “Unsafe Building” taped to one of their walls.

Even so, 80-year-old Tania Soto says no one told her or her neighbors to evacuate.

Soto says that even when asked to go, she has nowhere to go.


Local 10 News went to the administration office Tuesday afternoon and called the property management to look for answers and couldn’t find anyone to speak to.

Those housing concerns come less than two months after the catastrophic partial collapse of Surfside’s Champlain Towers South, which killed 98 people.

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