Organized crime gang member arrested in Homestead

CBS News Miami


MIAMI – An armed robbery suspect, known to be part of a gang that commits crimes across the state, was taken into custody Wednesday after trying a fake jewelry swindle.

According to police, a man on a bike was on SW 8th Street, near 132nd Avenue, when a man later identified as 38-year-old Alexandru Eminescu drove up next to him in a black BMW.

Eminescu originally asked for money, the man on the bike told the police. He said when he pulled out his wallet, Eminescu saw the amount of cash he had and tried to sell him what appeared to be fake jewelry.

The man told police when he declined, a man in the passenger seat became agitated and placed his hand under his shirt as if reaching for a gun. He said at that point he feared for his life and gave Eminescu $200 for the fake jewelry. The man then contacted the police.

Investigators said the robbery was captured on a store’s surveillance camera and a check on the car revealed it was a rental. Police then learned it was Eminescu. The victim positively identified him in a photo line up and cell phone records placed Eminescu at or near the place where the robbery occurred.

Investigators did a little more digging and found something very interesting about him. According to his arrest report, they found “the defendant resides in the area of North Florida, and he is affiliated with a group of traveling members (of Romanian decent) alleged to be involved in organized crimes, targeting various cities in the state of Florida.”

On Wednesday, December 28th, investigators learned he was back in the South Florida area and was arrested in Homestead. He’s been charged with armed robbery.

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