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(WSVN) – Homeowners in a new South Florida development are afraid their homes could flood if a serious storm comes our way, so they called on the 7 Investigates team for help. Kevin Ozebek has their story.

Welcome to Baywood, a brand new community in Florida City filled with 154 beautiful new homes.

Aimee Garciga: “I love the home. It’s beautiful.”

Rey Garciga: “We love the home.”

Rey and Aimee Garciga bought their house six months ago.

They could not have been happier, but then, the rainy season started.

Rey Garciga: “It’s flooding. The street is flooding.”

The Garciga’s sent 7 Investigates these photos that show after a summer rain, their new street looked more like a river.

They also shared this doorbell camera footage showing a nighttime storm flooding their sidewalk, and then, we were able to see the flooding for ourselves.

We visited Baywood immediately after a quick Saturday shower.

Kevin Ozebek: “How bad would you say the rain was right now to cause this?”

Rey Garciga: “It rained for like 10 minutes!”

Aimee Garciga: “This is ridiculous. These are new homes, and it shouldn’t be like this.”

Rey and Aimee are far from alone. Homeowners here ask if a fast moving summer storm can flood the streets, what could happen if a major hurricane hit?

Robert Fletcher, homeowner: “I am really scared this might destroy my very first house.”

Robert Fletcher says the summer rains not only soak his street, but they also saturate his yard.

Robert Fletcher: “It does reach up to the house sometimes. I would imagine if some real flood, like it really, really flooded in this area, then it would be in the home no question.”

Florida City Mayor Otis Wallace is also concerned about Baywood.

Florida City Mayor Otis Wallace: “We have a flooding problem there. Let’s cut straight to the chase.”

The drainage system was built by Baywood’s developer, D.R. Horton. It is one of the biggest home building companies in America.

Mayor Otis Wallace: “What’s of concern here is this is a brand new system, and it shouldn’t be functioning like this, but it’s not rocket science. The engineers will figure out what the problem is, and D.R. Horton has made it clear they will fix the problem.”

And D.R. Horton confirmed that to 7 Investigates. The company tells us, “The satisfaction of our homeowners is our top priority. … We appreciate the patience of our homeowners while we continue to work to identify the cause of the water and implement any necessary solutions.”

Kevin Ozebek: “Are you pleased they are at least working on it and they know there is a problem?”

Rey Garciga: “Yes, I am pleased with that.”

Rey and Aimee are now feeling much better about their new neighborhood.

Aimee Garciga: “I am happy they are fixing the problem.”

Rey Garciga: “I am less worried, and I am glad I have Channel 7 on my side.”

And we won’t go away until the flooding does.

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