R.olling Stones fans in the Florida Keys should be prepared to “get yer ya-ya out”.

Torn & Frayed, a Rollings Stones acoustic tribute band, is coming to Key West for a one-night performance at the Lost Boy Creations surf shop, 417 Southard St.

Hailed for being deeply immersed in the Stones catalog, Torn & Frayed delivers “folk” acoustic interpretations of Mick Jagger-Keith Richards classics, including audience favorites, deep album cuts and a host of obscure Stones gems.

Key West’s talented musical maestro Larry Baeder will accompany Torn & Frayed.

For those who can’t make it to Key West, the entire concert will be streamed live on Facebook. A multi-camera shoot will be produced and directed by Greg Rue from Filmic Live Stream Productions. A video recording of the concert will be published on YouTube after the live event.

Dennis McJagger (aka “Frayed”) was delighted when he heard the news that the Key West concert had been confirmed.

“This is fantastic! I’m so excited. I’ve been shoveling snow and frozen gutters here in New Jersey for the past two weeks.” Duo partner “Chicago” Mike Beck (aka “Torn”) added : “This will be an unforgettable evening full of music and fun.”

Lost Boy Creations Founder Matt Atkinson is delighted to welcome the duo as their first concert in 2005 was the Rolling Stones at Rentschler Field in Hartford, Connecticut.

Light refreshments are served and people are encouraged to bring their own liquid libations. Alcohol is NOT served but people are welcome to bring their own. Entry is free and people of all ages are welcome.

Torn & Frayed made their concert debut at the 2017 ÉCU Film Festival in Paris, France, and performed in the Netherlands, Italy, Canada and at venues and festivals in the United States

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