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On Nov. 1, I should receive Citrus County Property tax bill from Janice Warren. Property taxes have been around since 6,000 B.C. Clay tablets from the city-state Lagash (part of modern day Iraq) showed figures called “bala” or rotation. Tax assessors would focus on different areas of the city-state monthly to access the tax value for the king. During the dark ages, the manor lords had to pay a tax for their lands to the king. Today it is a tax, which generates revenue for the local government’s budget. It works well in generating about 3/4 of the local taxes and 1/2 of the local government revenue, excluding state and local aid.

Some feel the property tax is a tax on capital, which would make it a progressive tax. Usually property value continues to increase annually. Low-income families with lots of kids consume more in government services (such education) than they pay in taxes. Actually better education helps the county’s economy with higher paying jobs and better infrastructure.

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