South Florida men accused of looting in Fort Myers

MIAMI – Two men from Homestead are accused of looting in Fort Myers.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that Ernesto Martinez, 34, and Noel Morales, 54, drove to the city claiming to assist in the cleanup from the Hurricane.

However, the sheriff’s office said both Martinez and Morales were observed stealing items from in front of a local business and loading them into a trailer. Deputies found the trailer in the area with both Morales and Martinez inside.

A search of the trailer found property from the business. Both men were arrested and the property was returned to the business owner.

“Those who prey on vulnerable victims during a state of emergency will be charged to the fullest extent,” stated Sheriff Carmine Marceno. “I’ve said it several times, you may walk in, but we’ll carry you out.”

Both Martinez and Morales have been charged with grand theft over $750 less and less than $5,000, with an enhancement for it occurring during a state of emergency.

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