Sun, Good Food, Great Drinks (Peanut Butter Martini) & More

Well I’m back…oh you didn’t know I was away?  Well I was on vacation last week and spent it in sunny Key West, Florida along with my wife (Jane) and our good friends Joe & Darlene Gomulka.  I have never taken a vacation towards the end of the year because of the WOBM Christmas Classic but last February my wife told me we were going….no ifs, ands or buts.  Of course I was in the midst of a rough medical period and it did not allow for any kind of social life so we needed something to look forward to and this was it.

We did not arrive until late Sunday (December 4) and would have five nights and four-and-a-half days which turned out to be just perfect.  Our pre-vacation plans called for days at the pool, dinner and maybe a cocktail or two at some of the endless number of spots in town.  We achieved all of that and more.

My son and daughter-in-law had gone to Key West not too long ago and stayed at The Capitana which is considered a boutique waterfront hotel and a couple of miles from the very busy Duval Street area.  Well the only thing better than the accommodations was the weather which was as close to perfect as possible.  Every day in the low 80’s with hardly a cloud and no humidity.  Perfect for being in or out of the pool, lounging with a book and taking advantage of the tiki bar.


Each night we found a different restaurant and counted on feedback from locals which was spot on.  We also spent some time at 22 & Co (pronounced tutu) a rather unique cocktail bar owned by former Toms River resident Jenn Stefannacci.  The place only holds about a dozen people but makes wild drinks including a peanut butter martini to die for.  It was there we managed to connect with good Facebook friend Joe Burdge and his wife Diana…plenty of laughs for sure.

Why walk when you can travel this way

Why walk when you can travel this way

All in all a great few days away with good friends who are terrific travel partners.  Hope to make it back sooner than later.

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