SWAT enters the Key Largo cell dwelling and finds the burglar suspect useless

A report of a burglar suspect who was barricaded in a campervan in Key Largo Thursday morning ended about two hours later after members of the Monroe County SWAT team stepped in to find a 28-year-old dead man.

At around 10:15 am, detectives from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office visited the vacant mobile home behind the Coral Financial Jewelry pawnshop, MM 102, to contact someone interested in a number of reported break-ins. After detectives knocked on the door, a single shot rang out from inside the trailer and blew out a window near their location.

A call for additional units followed with support from additional law enforcement agencies. A perimeter was established that enclosed the area with lime and mahogany drives closed to traffic. Surrounding houses and properties were evacuated.

Mobile home detectives visited a person Thursday morning who was interested in a number of break-ins. A shot rang out from within and drew the SWAT team to eventually enter. They found 28-year-old Travis Less Lewanski dead when they were admitted. CONTRIBUTION

An attempt to negotiate with the person later identified as Travis Lee Lewanski of Key Largo was through a call on his cell phone, megaphone, and PA system.

“At no point did we have any contact with him,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay.

The SWAT team used chemical ammunition with a 12-gauge shotgun to get the person out. SWAT members then used lightning and were given access to the trailer to find Lewanski dead.

Ramsay said it appears that the bullet Lewanski killed himself with was the same round that left the window when detectives made their first contact. Ramsay said the young man’s father told authorities his son had a .357 magnum and a rifle. It was not known what weapon was used in the incident.

There were no other people in the motorhome.

Detectives said they visited the trailer to interview Lewanski about the recent break-in and theft of about $ 6,000 worth of silver coins and a lesser amount of ammunition from another Key Largo residence.

MPs and other law enforcement officials stand outside the Coral Financial Jewelry & Pawn store in Key Largo. JIM McCARTHY / Keys Weekly

“It’s a sad day when someone loses their life this way, but I am grateful that no citizens or police officers have been injured today,” said Ramsay. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to this person’s family and I thank my staff for their professionalism and care in dealing with this situation.”

The Florida Highway Patrol, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Officers, and the Border Patrol were also on site. No injuries to MPs and officials were reported. The incident is being investigated further. The results of the autopsy are still pending.

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