The long-lasting Miami Seashore bar closes quickly to guard workers after wild spring nights

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Miami Beach companies take the safety of their employees and customers into their own hands. On Friday, the Cleveland Restaurant and Bar announced that they would be closed for safety reasons due to the wild crowd during the spring break at least until next week.

The legendary Clevelanders posted a memo to staff on Friday afternoon ensuring they would be paid in full during the temporary shutdown.

“The situation has become so bad that we don’t feel comfortable when we ask our employees to come to work,” explains the attorney who represents the Clevelander, Alexander Tachmes. He says they will meet next week to rethink the closure.

Miami Beach Police say they are doing everything they can to keep people safe as spring breakers have wreaked havoc on the streets of South Beach.

The news of the increased police patrol comes less than a day after a street close combat on Ocean Drive between Eighth and Ninth Streets caused police officers to fire pepperballs to disperse a crowd in South Beach. Officers arrested at least three people, and Miami Beach Fire Rescue personnel responded to help the few injured.


Miami Beach Police Department spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez says they are increasing their presence around the clock and are even deploying police officers from different jurisdictions to help this month as the spring break is in full swing.

“Officials from Miami-Dade, Coral Gables, Miami Gardens, we even have the corrections department here to help get those arrested back to the prison facility,” said Rodriguez. “We received additional support from the Florida Highway Patrol on our dam roads.”

According to official figures, the MacArthur Causeway may be temporarily closed in the near future if the situation in Miami Beach escalates over the weekend.

“What starts out as apparently peaceful escalates quickly and unfortunately people are injured,” says Rodriguez.

“We have taken steps to curb criminal activity, tame the crowd, and encourage the people who are here to behave responsibly,” said Rodriguez. “If not, the message is clear – you will be arrested.”

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