The Mayor of Miami Seashore rejects DeSantis’ stance towards the face masks mandate

MIAMI BEACH, Florida. – Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber asks Governor Ron DeSantis to aid the return of face mask mandates as U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that coronavirus escalation into the more contagious Delta variant Makes people sick.

The CDC wants officials to “acknowledge that the war has changed” because the variant appears to cause more serious illness and spread as easily as chickenpox, according to an internal federal health document, according to The Washington Post.

Dr. Florida International University’s infectious disease expert Aileen Marty said new CDC data shows the average infected person passes the variant on to six to eight other people. Research shows that vaccinated people who became infected carried roughly the same amount of the virus as those who were not vaccinated.


“If you overwhelm the protection the vaccine gives you, you will become infected and you will most likely have symptoms and be contagious to others,” Marty said.

Marty said the use of face masks and vaccines were two of the many preventive measures people need to take. She said the data shows those vaccinated are still much better protected from serious illnesses and are less likely to get them.

“Because no single public health measure is 100%; You have to layer your protection, ”Marty said.

Coronavirus experts say the rise in COVID means using face masks is a must in Florida

Coronavirus infections rose 50% in Florida this week with 110,000 new coronavirus cases, up from 73,000 last week. COVID hospital admissions are also on the rise, with the death toll topping 39,000 with 409 more this week.

Both the Miami-Dade and Broward counties required face masks in government buildings. Dealers make changes. Walmart and Publix announced that all employees, regardless of vaccination status, must wear face masks, and staff will encourage customers to wear face masks as well.


The CDC recommended “universal inner masks for all teachers, staff, students and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status”. In response, Broward County public schools ordered the use of face masks from the first day of school on August 18.

“There is no conscious way to get someone back into a school setting on the bus or cafeteria without a mask mandate,” said Rosalind Osgood, chair of Broward County’s school board. “It’s a moral choice.”

The use of face masks is increasing in Miami's Wynwood neighborhoodThe use of face masks is increasing in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood

Miami-Dade County public school students will return to class on August 23. DeSantis said he wanted to ban the face mask mandate in Florida public schools.

“I have (three) small children. My wife and I are not going to do the mask with the kids. We never have; we will not. I want to see my children smile. I want them to have fun, ”said DeSantis.


Gelber asked DeSantis to think about science. In his letter, he added a graphic highlighting how hospital admissions slumped when Miami-Dade County instituted a mask mandate – and how it rose again when DeSantis banned the measures.

“I just think the governor needs to see the reality that we are in the midst of an unprecedented surge in the country,” said Gelber. “No state is worse off than we are now.”

Yellow letter to DeSantis

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