The tirade of passengers delayed the flight from NY to Miami

MIAMI, Florida. – Airlines have reported more than 3,500 cases of disruptive passengers since Jan. 1, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Another of these cases occurred Friday afternoon on a flight from JFK Airport in New York to Miami International Airport.

“The only people you care about are yourself,” a passenger can hear yelling at others in the cabin in a cell phone video recorded by a traveler on board the aircraft.

Witnesses told Local 10 News that the man was taking selfies and ramming other passengers with his fist before things quickly went the wrong way.

One witness remembered the flight attendant coming up after him and telling him, “Hey, sir, you can’t do that.” The man approached passengers and was not wearing a mask. Wearing a mask or face covering in airports and airplanes is federal law.

After failing to follow instructions, American Airlines said the man had been instructed to get off the plane. Then he started yelling at customers and abusing them.


Before the police boarded the plane to escort him, he started a tirade saying, “I didn’t do anything wrong. I was on board my flight and they are going to throw me off the flight and ruin my whole trip for no reason. I did nothing wrong. My mask is broken. I did nothing wrong.”

Passenger Alvaro Wong said about ten police officers boarded the plane and the man still refused to get off the plane. “It took you over an hour and a half to get rid of him.”

A medical team was seen on the tarmac, waiting for the passenger to determine if he was having some sort of medical episode.

American Airlines flight 1466 was delayed two hours. Scheduled for 1:30 p.m., it left at 3:30 p.m. and was due to arrive in Miami at 6:44 p.m.

The FAA does not take situations like this lightly and has implemented a zero-tolerance policy for passengers who behave in an aircraft with threatening or violent behavior and disrupt flights.


On January 13, 2021, FAA Administrator Steve Dickson signed an order providing for a stricter law enforcement policy against recalcitrant passengers following the recent worrying incidents.

In the past, the agency has responded to recalcitrant passenger incidents by issuing warnings and advice or imposing light penalties.

Under the new zero tolerance policy, the FAA says no more warnings or advice. The agency will “take legal action against any passenger who attacks, threatens, intimidates or disturbs airline crew members”.

Unruly passengers can be fined and potentially imprisoned.

For the past decade, the FAA examined about 140 cases per year for possible enforcement actions such as fines. That year there were almost 600 on July 20th.


One of the most common reasons for passenger outbreaks in 2021 is the mask requirement.

As of July 20, a total of 2,605 mask-related incidents had been reported.

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