Voice of the people: White’s stories always pertinent

White’s stories always pertinent

If you question the value of local newspapers, my answer is Gary White at The Ledger. He always has pertinent stories for us here in Lakeland and Polk County, stories you will get nowhere else. His piece today on debris collection from Hurricane Ian is a case in point [“Polk County: Debris collection from Hurricane Ian ahead of Irma pace,” Oct. 22]. We need to know information like this, when our storm debris will be picked up and how it works, to allay our fears that they have forgotten about us and keep the calls down. There are many more examples such as local government, Covid issues, and Parks and Rec events, always thoroughly researched and sometimes including his most excellent photography. I just want to tell you that I appreciate him!

Gary Eickmeier, Lakeland

Amendment 3 a false benefit

Amendment 3 to the Florida Constitution, which is on the ballot, is a poorly designed and worded “feel good” amendment. It would give full-time teachers, first responders, full-time nurses, etc., an extra homestead exemption on their property taxes.

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